Refresh your whole body, cleanse your digestive system and replenish nutrients with fresh, organic juices and smoothies.

3-Day Juice Cleanse includes:

  • 3 days of Fresh, organic, nutrient-rich juices and smoothies
  • Immune-boosting shots
  • FREE access to our online Green Smoothies 101 Course, which is FULL of evergreen nutrition content, health coaching worksheets, recipes, menu planning, shopping lists
  • Access to Private Online Coaching Group

Get your diet back on track in 3 days or less! A juice cleanse is a type of diet that involves consuming only juices from vegetables and fruits in an attempt to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system. Studies have shown many incredible health benefits, although it’s important to be educated and determine if doing a cleanse is right for you. Our health coaches are trained to guide you in choosing the right plan for your body.

Do you want clear skin, healthy hair, regular bowel movements and better sleep? These are just a few of the health benefits of juicing. In addition, you will:

  • Boost your energy level
  • Detoxify your cells
  • Jump-start healthy weight loss
  • Feel energized, alive and rejuvenated!

Try a guided juice cleanse and find out for yourself!


Each day you will receive:

  • 4 (16 oz) fresh juices
  • 1 (16 oz) protein shake
  • 1 (2 oz) immune booster
  • Accountability email from your coach
  • Educational and inspiring stories to motivate you
  • Nutrition facts and recipes

We offer FREE delivery within Brooklyn. All other delivery charges are based on time and distance. Please contact us today to schedule your cleanse!

Results with this 3 Day Reboot, Clients report they:

  • drop 3 – 5 lbs in excess weight
  • reduce inflammation in the body
  • reset dietary habits
  • shrink the stomach a bit to help with reducing empty cravings
  • feel incredibly vibrant and energetic
  • get better sleep at night


The main idea with a “Juice Cleanse” is that you take a break from the rigorous wear and tear of digesting heavily processed foods (which make up a lot of the standard diet) and give your digestive organs a reset, while at the same time flooding your cells with fresh, living-enzyme, nutrient-rich juices that come from plants, fruits and vegetables so your body can maintain the basic fuel it needs to thrive and get your through your day. 

Here are some commonly asked questions about the cleanse process that may help guide you in deciding if its right for you.

What are some benefits of juicing and an alkaline diet? 

Enhanced health, energy, vitality, and youthfulness-for a start! When the system is rid of dangerous acidity, the body is free to thrive. Once you shift to eating pure fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and other plant-based wonders, you’ll usually see a transformation: brighter eyes, mental clarity, a physical glow, feeling grounded and balanced, clear skin, heightened consciousness, ideal weight, more positive thoughts, increased synergy with people, animals, and the environment, a greater sense of calm, feeling and being more loving, enhanced stamina-overall improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

How will I feel during the cleanse?

Some people feel great all the way through a cleanse, but there are known side-effects to detoxing. Usually detox side-effects tend to get worse before getting better. Depending on how many toxins your tissues are holding, reactions range from mild or non-existent to strong and relatively harsh. Detox symptoms include things like headaches, nausea, sweats, PMS-like symptoms, and more. As best you can, take a “this too shall pass” mindset and increase the alkaline water to flush the releasing toxic matter. You can also get fresh air, walk, move, and/or take a hot bath. To keep the detox moving along, it’s absolutely essential to keep the bowels moving-if they’re being sluggish, try colonics and bath salts. But if absolutely necessary, its ok to add some of your normal “food stuff” into your day. This will slow the detox process down but may help you function better. (definitely ask for support in this case!)

Will I feel hungry?

Probably not. It depends on the cleanse program you choose and how much you usually eat. You can help that process by consuming water between nutritional beverages. Typically clients report that they couldn’t even finish all the juices!

What should I do if I do feel hungry?

If your hunger feels insatiable and you really can’t imagine getting through the day without solid foods, it’s OK to include something besides juice into your cleanse. Most importantly, choose something that feels in alignment with the process you are in. (ie, don’t eat a piece of fried chicken). Try a salad made of dark leafy greens and raw veggies. Make a “healthy bowl” combining fresh fruits or vegetables, and a small amount of whole grains or a lite protein sources such as chickpeas. This can be very cleansing too. Plant based foods provide so many health benefits and it’s OK if you want to supplement your regimen of juices with a lite solid meal. We’ll help you.

How should I store my juice?

Keep it chilling in the fridge until you’re ready to consume it. You can leave your juice out for a few minutes to achieve room temperature before drinking; this is best as too cold is too cold!

How long will my juices last?

It’s ideal to consume fresh juices as soon as possible after squeezing. Your juice will be nutritionally intact after about 3 – 4 days, so they should taste and feel just as good on Day 2 as they did on Day 1. Also- give ’em a good shake as separation is natural in freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice. 

Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?

Not necessarily. It depends on your personal blood sugar, build, and metabolism.

Is it OK to exercise while cleansing?

Yes. Exercise supports the detox process. It increases blood and lymphatic circulation, removing acids through the skin, lungs, bowels, and kidneys.  

Can I drink Kombucha, coffee, seltzer/sparkling water, black tea, alcohol, wine, and beer while cleansing?   We advise avoiding all of those acid-forming drinks. You’ll find yourself getting much better results from a cleanse if you stick to water. Give a few days of clean drinking a try. You may think differently about those beverages once you do.

Should I continue to take my multi-vitamins during a cleanse?

It’s up to you. Some people have no problem taking vitamins as usual, but some supplements are too strong to be taken on a juice-only stomach without food as a buffer. If you’re ready for a multi-vitamin break, during your cleanse would be a good time.

I don’t have much time, but I’d like to cleanse. Is it useful to do a cleanse for just one day? Absolutely! One day can be very helpful. For some, a brief cleanse can be a confidence-building exercise that leads to more intensive cleanses. Others might add one day a week ongoing. It’s ALWAYS good to add more fresh, ripe, raw, organic, plant-based food and juices and if you only have 24 hours, you’ll still reap the benefits.

Will I lose weight on the cleanse? 

Yes, most likely. HOWEVER a cleanse is NOT a diet. It is not meant for weight loss purposes and should not be treated as a flash diet situation. The weight loss that incurs with cleansing is typically related to stepping away from bulky foods. You may shed a few pounds quickly but then once you return to a solid diet, see them return. We encourage anyone interested in weight loss to work with a health coach to design a lifestyle practice that suits their particular metabolism and will help them burn excess unwanted fat and build lean muscle while consuming super-fuel for nutrition. It will offer long-lasting results and weight loss from the cleanse will be temporary unless it’s part of a larger program of exercise. 

Ok! I want to try a juice cleanse!! How do I start?

We suggest you pick a start date that suits your social calendar and current lifestyle. Choose a time when you can best support yourself through it and make sure your not setting yourself up for a major challenge by having a special work dinner or a wedding to attend while you’re trying to do the cleanse. Pick a start date and then follow these steps:

  1. Use the BUY NOW button on this page to purchase your cleanse package.
  2. Contact us directly to schedule your start date.
  3. We will reply with the confirmation and educational documents to support you.
  4. Read the info and follow best practices! Prepare yourself for your start date.
  5. We will delivery your juices early on the morning of your start.
  6. Follow the numbered order of how and when to drink the juices!