It takes 21 days to break a bad habit OR 21 days to form a new healthy habit. Let’s do both. 

The 21-DAY SUGAR DETOX workshop components include:
– the education and practice of detoxing the body from unwanted refined sugar, processed foods and unnecessary chemicals
– developing and maintaining a daily fitness routine (30 minutes daily)
– honing our focus on life goals, personal growth and development
– daily accountability for our actions and choices

This group is coached by Deborah Smith, graduate of the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a successful 10-year health coaching practice and owner of Green Pirate Juice Truck, NYC’s first mobile juice and smoothie truck.




Sugar acts as an inflammatory in the body and can lead to all manners of discomfort. It is a known contributor to the silent inflammation in tissue that leads to arthritis, cancer, heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, and many other physical ailments that are plaguing Americans. Sugar is expertly hidden in processed foods and added to nearly everything. We have lost our balance with naturally sweet foods that are provided by the earth and have become addicted to processed and fake sugars that cause damage to the health of our cells. Our health begins at the cellular level.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is designed to take a 3 week break from sugar as we know it and examine what effect its having on our bodies. During the 21 days we will consume NO PROCESSED SUGARS.


A 21-Day online forum where all members agree to eliminate processed sugars from their diet.  The group will participate in the following four structured goals:

– 3 weeks of clean, healthy, sugar-free eating (shopping lists, menus and recipes provided)

– 3 weeks of daily exercise (30 minutes a day)

– daily accountability for your food and exercise choices

– daily accountability for “Off the Plate” nutrition and Personal Development


In order to participate in this program you will need to be prepared with the following things:

– An exercise program (something that makes you sweat 30 minutes a day)

– A book that feeds your personal development (you will be provided with suggestions)

– “Portionology” color-coded food containers (not mandatory but extremely helpful with food prep, especially if one of your goals is weight loss).

– light hand weights or therabands (not mandatory but useful with workouts)


BASIC GROUP MEMBERSHIP- $40  (Ideal for people with an established exercise program and home cooking practice)

MEMBERSHIP w/SHAKEOLOGY & WORKOUT VIDEOS- $140  (Ideal for people with limited time or no established exercise program or serious sweet craving)          What is Shakeology?

MEMBERSHIP w/2 ADDITIONAL PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS- $180 (Recommended for people who want to go in depth with personal transformation around health issues and need additional support. Private coaching sessions normally $150/hr)

MEMBERSHIP w/SHAKEOLOGY, VIDEOS + PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS- $240 (Recommended for people who desire full support with their program)


So… ready to make lasting changes in the way that your body looks and feels?

Ready to change your relationship with foods, people and habits that don’t serve you?

Are you ready to take the reigns on your personal center of power and use your energy towards living the life of your dreams rather then feeling stuck in an energetic rut all the time?

If you answered yes to the above 3 questions then this program is for you. 

Please send an email to deborah.see.smith@gmail.com with the Subject: Sugar Detox and we’ll reply with a health history form to help guide the registration. Or if you’re ready to go, you can register by clicking the Paypal button below and choosing your membership option. Members interested in the home workout videos and shake supplements should email first as there is a separate process.

** YOU MUST REGISTER BY JANUARY 11th in order to start on January 18th.

THANK YOU.  Let’s change the world together, one body at a time!

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