Holistic Health Coaching Session- $100

Holistic Health Coaching Session- $100

A $150 value, this private health coaching session may be exactly what you need to get your fitness and health on track. Accountability is proven to help people show up and do the hard work it takes to get over those initial challenges and get their life on track. Is that you?

One-on-one health coaching is a powerful gift to give yourself when you are in need of a reboot and ready to grab the reigns on your health and life goals.

What we eat, how we eat, the way we treat our bodies and even the thoughts that we think about ourselves have a massive impact on our overall health. Learning how to measure your bodies fuel needs, what kind of nutrition is best for your metabolism and which type of exercise works best for your system are important steps towards feeling, looking and being your best in life.

This 90 minute health coaching session is designed to help you hone in on action steps that you can take that will have an immediate impact on your personal health, and to set you up for success with your long terms goals.

All sessions are conducted privately by GP owner Deborah C Smith, either in person or by phone. Deborah has been the personal health coach to hundreds of New Yorkers and is the proud owner of NYC's first and only fresh squeezed juice truck, the Green Pirate.

Register for your personal session today and begin the journey to a healthier you.