Green Pirate is a  holistic health and wellness company from Brooklyn, NY, which aims to stimulate a hip and sexy culture of conscious, healthy living in the world.  We offer fresh  juices and smoothies, vegetarian meals and education programs to our community.  We proudly operate the world’s funkiest mobile Juice Truck, the first of its kind in NYC.

Operating a sustainable and environmentally conscious business, we strive to bring the possibility of a healthier and happier life to all whom we are able to serve.

Our Story

As a graduate of the revolutionary Institute for Integrative Nutrition, owner Deborah C. Smith wanted to find a way to make direct contact with New Yorkers, to inspire them towards healthier food choices and ultimately a happier life.  Joining forces with IIN grad Lisa Andoloro, the girls bought an old used postal truck and retrofitted it to be a rolling juice bar. In the Spring of 2007, Green Pirate Juice was born! Since that day, we have proudly served thousands of New Yorkers some of the healthiest and freshest plant-based beverages and foods they have every had! We are dedicated to the fine art of keeping life juicy and full of healthy choices!

Our Mission

To boldly create and serve up the healthiest, sexiest, most delicious, most nutritious, FRESH juices and smoothies, so that all living beings can feel a little better and shine a little brighter! To provide education to our customer so they can be empowered to make healthier choices. To be fearless. To be kind. To be loving to our bodies.

Why Juice?

  • Fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are a welcomed and needed alternative to the standard summer street-vender treats of ice cream, pretzels, hotdogs and sodas.
  • The juice of fruits and vegetables provides your body with a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for healthy energy and to help rid the body of unwanted toxins.
  • Juice provides these benefits with out a lot of wear and tear on the digestive system, allowing the body to assimilate more of the benefits of the foods.

Spread the Word

Want Green Pirate Juice Truck to cater to you?

  • Give us a shout and tell us where you’d like to see the truck!
  • Hire us to cater your private event or movie set.
  • Recommend us to your boss to have him pay for your entire company to do a juice cleanse.
  • Have our fresh juices served at your opening event!
  • Hire our Health Coach Professionals to give a talk in your office or at your school.

Tell Us What You Need!

What’s Up with that FUNKY Truck?

Green Pirate is thrilled to be juicing in our ELEVETH season of serving the people of NYC with delicious, nutritious and healthy food options that truly bring a smile to their faces! Our street level service allows us to reach across age, race, social, and political barriers in our community, making “health-food” accessible and affordable to all, and fostering an environment for positive growth. We will continue to fill our menu with decadent super foods, delicious and savory specialties and immune boosting anti-oxidants so you can have a better day! Join us as we continue to celebrate the juiciness of life!!!

Sustainable & Green

  • We run the truck on biodiesel fuel, which Green Pirate receives in partnership with TRI-STATE BIODIESEL.
  • We compost all organic waste matter from the production of fresh juice and work with local farmers to transport it upstate for use in their soil.
  • We serve our juices in compostable corn plastic cups, recycle and make an effort to minimize all waste on the truck and in the production of juice.

Education! Simple. We love it.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  Truer words have not been spoken. At Green Pirate we understand nutrition to be the foundation for a healthy body, and a healthy body to be the foundation for a happy life. Founder Deborah C. Smith is graduate of the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition and currently offers a personal consultation program for individuals seeking a one-on-one Holistic Health Coach, or guidance in juicing at home or cleansing.  Food is medicine and we can prevent disease in our cells by choosing fresh, locally grown, fruits & vegetables full of living enzymes!

Holistic Health Coaching

Get your life on track to acheiving your wildest dreams, through a whole-foods menu, daily exercise that you enjoy and a holistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle. Overcome old negative thinking patterns that keep you stuck in the past and learn new ways to support your body and mind in making lasting changes!
Book a FREE consultation today and begin living a life you love.

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