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We are super excited that you are here and are ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle!

In just 21 days you will melt fat off your body and get yourself on the fastest track to clean, lean, toned and terrific…quickly, safely and naturally, without crash-diets, magic pills or gimmicks. 

I’ve seen hundreds of my clients try every diet known to man, but the right plan, education, motivation, support and accountability is what truly worked for them, and now it’s your turn…

Get the Body You Want & Deserve!

The goal within the 21 day period is to get you on the right track with eating wholesome foods and exercising regularly.

You’ll be stronger, have less aches and pains and have a good grasp on a fitness lifestyle. 


Challengers routinely lose 5 – 10+ lbs, drop 1 – 2 dress/pant sizes and developing life long habits. You can too!

But, weight loss is only one of the many incredible benefits of this 21 Day Clean & Lean Challenge.

Here’s What You Get for Only $42 (only $2/day):

  • DONE-FOR-YOU 21 Day Nutrition Plan with variety for everyone including recipes & shopping lists
  • Daily Inspirational Coaching Email with the day’s assignment  
  • 21 Day Exercise plan with Suggested 15 – 30 minute workouts you can do at home
  • Portion control guidelines to help you plan meal sizes without skimping
  • Calendar & Scheduling tool to manage your daily routine
  • Bonus Meal Plan with family friendly and fat loss focused recipes
  • Team and solo challenges so you are held accountable, get outside your comfort zone and stay focused
  • 100% money back guarantee – show up, work hard, follow the plan and succeed! (GUARANTEE)
  • Access to our exclusive 21 Day Challenge Facebook Support Group to connect to members and coaches. (ACCOUNTABILITY)

Regular Price $79


Early Bird Deal Expires In.9 DAYS!

**Limited spots available.**

You’ll have access to great coaching and it sells out fast! Sign up and reserve your spot now!

Already enrolled in our Green Smoothies Course or Buying a 3-Day Cleanse Package? Your cost is only $27!

My name is Deborah and I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of private clients to help them get their diet and fitness on track to get the results they want! This will be my 12th year of leading 21 Day Clean & Lean Challenge and I’m ready to rock 2020!! I KNOW what works to motivate you to reach your goals!

Get the support you need!

Yes, the coaching and accountability are pretty darn close to being magical. In fact, if you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight and get your body looking the way you want it to, the #1 reason for that is lack of effective coaching and accountability.

Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and coaching from an expert who’s gotten see-it-in-the-mirror results for other clients just like you. It’s the biggest secret to success. Join the challenge and find out for yourself (you’ll be amazed by the results).

The entire program is just 21 days. Three weeks…that will set you on the right track to looking and feeling your best heading into this new decade- clean, energized, toned and terrific!

And if you’re one of the participants to register now by registering below, we’ll give you the entire 21-day program for just $42!


Dial in your food choices and loose inches faster than anything else you can do. Period.

> Get FAST body transforming results – with this level of accountability, combined with our proven 21-Day Program, the results come quickly (almost 12 years of testing and results)

Discover super simple meal plans and recipe ideas that will deliver great results. Keep using them long after the challenge!

Cut exercise time in half – you’ll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is!

Dramatically decrease stress – stress kills your enthusiasm, your energy and harms your immune system.

Have 3 – 4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy). Imagine how that makes you feel and perform!

Learn life long nutrition and lifestyle habits in 21 days.

More confidence – nothing makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, toned and looking terrific!

What has this program done for past clients?

  • Helped them to kick off the new year with confidence, looking and feeling great!
  • Guided them in safe methods of weight loss that would not harm them or fail.
  • Helped to lose inches of unwanted, excess fat, which is also a health hazard.
  • Inspired new avenues of preparing and cooking plant-based meals for their family!
  • Gave them the support they needed to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives.
  • Showed them that they are STRONG and can do ANYTHING!

You could easily create a program like this for yourself, but are you really likely to follow through and do the workout, and eat the meal plan every day without somebody holding you accountable? Experience says NO. We all have ambitions but we are 65% more likely to show up and take action when we know that our partner, boss, coach or team mate is expecting us.

It is proven that coaching works to motivate and inspire us to a higher level or productivity. My clients and groups have been so successful because we make it fun and that takes the sting out of changing the way we eat or adding new exercise.

You can do it, you are worth it, and 21 DAY CLEAN & LEAN Challenge is a great way to get started in having the best year of your life.

It’s 2020, let’s kick off the decade like we mean it! Clean and lean!

Share the Challenge with friends who will want to do it with you!