WELCOME TO GREEN PIRATE!  May your vibrant, healthy lifestyle begin here…

Green Pirate is a “healthy lifestyle” company from Brooklyn, NY.  We help our clients improve their overall quality of life by offering simple products and educational programs that are accessible and fun! 

Fueling your body with a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet is a key component to wellness.  Eating your veggies doesn’t have to be boring… that’s where we come in!

We currently offer the following services:

  • individual health coaching
  • corporate nutrition & wellness workshops
  • online courses

We are committed to running a sustainable and environmentally conscious business and strive to bring the possibility of a healthier and happier life to all whom we are privileged to serve.


Green Pirate Juice got its humble beginnings in the mobile food vending industry in 2006, when we built New York City’s first mobile Juice Truck.  We knew that making “healthy” foods more accessible to New Yorkers would elevate their health and wellness and improve the quality of life for all.

So, we transformed an old US Postal truck into a custom kitchen and struck out to our local park with the stereo bumpin’ some funky dance music! We built our business on  the streets of NYC, one juice at a time. In over 13 years we have been blessed to serve many thousands of New Yorkers at hundreds of city-wide events and private catering gigs.  We now proudly offer Group and Individual Coaching Services, Pop-Up Juice & Smoothie Bars for NYC’s most prestigious brands, and Workshops & Education programs for our corporate partners.


To inspire people to take simple actions in their lives that support their health. To offer premium quality products and services at an affordable price for all people. To empower ourselves and others to be fearless in the practice of self-care. To be kind and loving to our bodies and our planet.


  • Fresh squeezed juice is a welcomed alternative to the standard sugary “juice” beverages that saturate the market
  • Plant-based beverages made with organic fruits and vegetables provide your body with a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which help energize the body and rid it of unwanted toxins
  • Extracting liquid or blending raw produce provides dozens of nutritional benefits to the body without a lot of wear and tear on the digestive system